About Us

Well here’s the first secret – this page should be called ‘About me’ because I’m not a huge company, I’m just one guy.


I’m David and I set up this business and site your wandering around at the moment.  I won’t keep you too long (I’d really like you to go and buy something) but here’s a little story about how I set up Party Tattoos:


A few years ago I set up a website called www.stagandhendoideas.com (take a look – it has great Mr and Mrs questions on it) after I organised my friend’s stag party which I found to be a right pain the rear.


Anyway the site has been ticking along nicely bringing in a bit of pocket money here and there but nothing special enough for me to get a call from my bank manager.


Earlier this year I was on holiday in Mallorca with my wife Julie and little girl Heidi (I told a lie earlier about just me running the business, I couldn’t do it without support from Julie) and it was our first family holiday away together.


On the last day I went for a swim in the sea and I was floating in the shimmering, warm water under a clear blue sky and hot sun thinking about what a great time we’d had, particularly Heidi who had loved every minute.  I thought how much I’d cherish the memories of the holiday and I made a promise that I’d make some money to do the same next year.


I don’t know how I stumbled on the idea for temporary hen party tattoos once I was back in the UK, I probably saw a tweet or something, but once I did I thought ‘I can do that!’. So I took the cash that my website had made and invested it in the equipment and research needed to set up a small business selling temporary tattoos.


But as well as making some money I also knew I wanted to make products I was proud of – we’ve all had poor products or crappy customer service and it’s awful.  I’ve worked hard to get my designs exactly right (but I won’t be upset if you ask for changes) and I always strive to make every customer pleased enough to say to a friend ‘Oh, you’re having a hen party – I know a great idea for you’ – without big marketing budgets that kind of recommendation is invaluable.


So there you go – I’m not some nameless, faceless corporation that only wants your cash, I really care about giving you the best possible product and experience while helping me along the way too 🙂


Here’s a pic from my hols so you can see my motivation (don’t let the skin head put you off – it’s a sign of genetic baldness, not political beliefs!)


It’s been great to meet you and I hope you like my story – feel free to take a look round the site!

Why I set up Party Tattoos