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  • 1. How do I apply a temporary tattoo?

    Applying your tattoos is really quick and simple:

    1. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from lotions
    2. Peel off the clear plastic film
    3. Carefully stick the tattoo to where you want it positioned (hairless areas away from clothing are best - the inside of the wrist or back of a hand is a popular area)
    4. Cover the paper backing with water from a sponge or towel for about 20 seconds
    5. Peel off the paper
    6. Gently pat the area dry
    7. Check out your great new tattoo
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  • 2. How do I remove temporary tattoos?

    Our temporary tattoos usually last about 5 days but you can remove them quicker if you want to.  Here are a couple of options:

    1. By far the quickest way is to use a bit of sticky tape.  Simply stick the tape over the tattoo and remove it - the tattoo will come off with the tape.
    2. Alternatively you can use a wipe or cotton wool to soak the area with an alcohol based liquid such as nail varnish remover.  After a few minutes wipe the area and the tattoo will start to come off.
    3. Tattoos will also come off using the steps above but with baby lotion.  This method takes a bit longer than the others.
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  • 3. Are temporary tattoos safe?

    Yes!  The technology has been around for a long time - if you ever got tattoos in sweets when you were a kid then it's a similar process.  Our tattoos are made by printing an image on to special paper using a laserjet printer which is then transferred to your skin using 'water slide' technology and an adhesive.

    We do not recommend you use our products if you have sensitive skin, any existing skin conditions or are allergic to adhesives such as plasters.

    We would also not advise you to apply tattoos to sensitive areas such as your face (not least because temporary tattoos can last up to 5 days)

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  • 4. I like your designs but want to make a change is that ok?

    Yes!  We can make reasonable changes to any of our tattoos and some of our happiest customers have been those that have requested something that has been special for them.  We can change wording, font style, colour and imagery.  What's also great is that there's no charge for doing this.

    Please be aware that adapting the design (other than adding the bride's name or similar) can add a few days to the time it takes to produce your tattoos as we'll send them to you for approval - if you need your tattoos quickly then you'd be best sticking to the design we've provided.

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  • 5. How long does an order take?

    Almost all of our orders are desptached within 1-2 working days and all our orders are sent out Royal Mail first class from within the UK which takes 1-2 days, so you'll usually have your tattoos within 4 days at most.

    If you want to make changes to the design of one of our tattoos then this can also add a couple of days on to delivery as we'll work with you to get approval before making your tattoos.

    We always ask you to order with as much time as possible before you need them - it makes it easier and less stressful all round.

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  • 6. I like your designs but don't buy off sites I don't know

    Everybody should know their information is safe so we'll answer this question in 2 parts:

    We use Amazon payment gateway so you effectively pay Amazon and Amazon give us the money.  We never see your payment details, we just get the information we need to make your tattoos so your data is safe.

    If you'd rather use a different service then we sell all the tattoos you can see on our site on both Ebay and Etsy.

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  • 7. Who are you?

    Good question - find out a bit more about me here.

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  • 8. Are you a registered business

    Yes, I'm registered as a sole trader under the name PartyTatts with HMRC.  I pay my taxes so you'll be helping a local business and the UK economy - in fact I probably pay more tax than Facebook :).

    I also have public liability insurance for my work  with Capital Markets Underwriting.

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  • 9. What is your returns policy

    We work really hard to get our products perfect before sending them out to you.  However, despite our extensive checks before despatch mistakes can happen.

    If there is a problem then we promise to work quickly and with your best interests at heart to find a resolution.

    We'll gladly accept returns and offer a refund or replacement under the following circumstances:


    - If we make a mistake while printing your tattoos, such as a typo.  We haven't made a mistake with an order yet as we check tattoos at every stage of production but it could happen.


    - If the products are defective in some way, for example they don't transfer on to your skin properly.  Please note; our tattoos are temporary but they are designed to last for up to 3-5 days if cared for properly, so we wouldn't class them not fading after a day as a defect.


    Please let us know within 14 days of receiving your tattoos if there are any problems but we would really urge you to check your tattoos as soon as they arriver as this gives us the best possible chance of rectifying the situation before your party/event.


    If we have made a mistake we will issue a refund through paypal.


    Occasionally we may ask for the product to be returned to us for inspection.  If this is the case then we ask that you pay for postage (first class postage for a standard order is 63p).


    We would not be able to offer a refund where you have made a mistake in personalising your tattoos so please be sure to spell your bride's name correctly when ordering.  We may contact you if we have doubts but this is not guaranteed.


    If your product is lost in the post then please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss a resolution.


    Get in touch: partytatts@outlook.com

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